How To Use Rubbing Compound By Hand Or Buffing Machine?
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How To Use A Rubbing Compound? - Steps To Get Rid Off From Scratches

How To Use A Rubbing Compound? - Steps To Get Rid Off From Scratches

No matter how carefully you are driving your car. But most of the time unwanted scratches and crack on your vehicle. If you find any dullness and scratches then you can use a rubbing compound. You have many ways to use a rubbing compound on your vehicles. So let's figure out and know how to use a rubbing compound.

While reading this you will get to know about the best ways to use rubbing compound on the car.

To use the rubbing compound you need to follow the following steps:-

Step 1: Clean the Surface of the Scratch

Step 2: Sanding Down to the Layer of Scratch

Step 3: Use Rubbing Compound & let it dwell.

Step 4: Rub the compound by using a microfiber cloth or a buffing machine for better result

Step 4: Later use Polishing, Painting, and Waxing for extra shine & finish.

What Is Rubbing Compound?

Rubbing compound is a formulation that is used to remove scratches & cracks. It is used to restore the damaged car paintwork surface. The abrasive qualities of the compound work to restore the smoothness & restore the layer.

You can use the rubbing compound on the light scratches but for the deep scratches, you need to use the sandpapers. By using this you can detail your car like professionals.

Steps To Use Rubbing Compound

To use the rubbing compound you need to follow some steps. If you are in a hurry then you can simply go with the above-mentioned easy steps. Or if you have time then slowly move towards the mentioned steps to remove the scratch from vehicles.

Step 1: Preparing Your Vehicle

Preparing your vehicle is the foremost step for all users. Wash the surface to remove any dirt & dust on your scratched areas. You are allowed to wash the entire surface by using a sponge or clean it by using a microfiber cloth for better cleaning. For better cleaning, you can use the car wash shampoo to eliminate any kind of dust & dirt. 

By doing this you can create a clean dry surface to use the rubbing compound or scratch remover.

Step 2: Applying The Rubbing Compound

Simply apply the rubbing compound to the scratched area and lets it dwell once for maximum of 10 minutes for better results. For applying the rubbing compound you can use the orbital sander and wool pad or a hand-held compound pad for effective outcome. 

Make sure to apply the scratch remover all over the scratches or weathered paint. 

While Applying the rubbing compound make sure that your surface is not in the direct connection of sunlight.

Step 3: Start Buffing With Cloth Or Machine

Move the pad & machine in a circular motion and make sure the pressure of the machine or hand is moderate. For better cleaning pause over one click for 10-20 seconds. Rub the compound until its totally disappeared.

Clean it very effectively so you will not find any residue or streaks on the vehicles. 

Step 4: Repeat The Process On Every Area

Simply follow the same step in every area where you find scratches on your vehicle. It is one of the best ways to remove scratches from your car or any other vehicle. You do not need to go to the mechanic or a service center to remove scratches. Just by the best UE Autotech rubbing compound scratch remove to eliminate these unwanted scratches.

Step 5: Remove Excess Product

In the end, you simply have to remove the excess product you find on your vehicle by using a cloth or sponge. Because rubbing compound is abrasive in nature and might be harmful to your paint color. So remove the excess compound from your vehicle after removing the scratches.

By using these simple 5 steps you can remove the unwanted scratches & crack from your vehicles.

How to Compound A Car By Hand?

You can use a compound on a car by hand with the following steps. You can simply go with the mentioned steps:-

  1. Buy the best rubbing compound of UE Autotechs.
  2. Wash your car & part that you want to clean by using the car wash shampoo of UE.
  3. Try the product on the small area by using a sponge.
  4. Apply the compound on the cool & dry place or rub it by using the damp applicatore pad or cloth towel.
  5. Rub the product in the back forth motion.
  6. Remove the excess product.

How To Compound A Car By Buffer Or Polisher?

Better results you can use the buffing machine or polisher. With this you can remove the deep scratches just in few minutes. To use the compound with the buffing machine you have to follow the following steps:-

  1. First step purchase the best rubbing compound.
  2. Clean the car area which you want to clean by using the car wash shampoo.
  3. Simply apply the rubbing compound on th area.
  4. Using the buffing machine in back & forward motion for better results. Make sure to use buffing machine in light pressure.
  5. Remove the excessive product.

Polishing Compound Vs Rubbing Compound

Most of the users think that polishing and rubbing compound are the same thing. But it is not, because both have different formulation and properties. So before buying it lets know about the difference between the polishing compound vs rubbing compound.

Rubbing Compound - Rubbing Compound is used eliminate scratches & crack from the vehicles. You can use this to remove unwanted small scratches from the paintwork surface.

Polishing Compound - Polishing compound is use to restore the shine of an object after using the rubbing compound. This will help to add shine & smooth surface of your vehicle.

Can I use A Polishing Compound After Using a Rubbing Compound?

Yes, You can use polish after using rubbing compound to add extra shine & smoothness on the surface. It is effective to use. Because due to rubbing compound you will get a dull surface & polish will help you to restore the shine or your vehicle or any paint work. These two are the best car maintenance product that a users always had to keep their vehicle look always appealing.

When Should You Use Rubbing Compound?

You can use the rubbing compound to remove the very harsh scratches which is not easy to clean by midler formulas. The cleaning of the rubbing compound consist:-

  • Removing stubborn stains and severe oxidation.
  • Use to smooth out deeper scratches.
  • Removing paint transfer

Difference Between Rubbing Liquid & Wax Compound

Yes, you can use the rubbing compound in two different format. First one is liquid rubbing compound & wax rubbing compound.

  • Liquid Rubbing Compound - It is use to deal with the milder scratches. It is only effective for the small scratches that are instant to repair and do not need efforts to eliminate them.
  • Wax Rubbing Compound - Wax rubbing compound is best solution for dull, badly oxidized finishes and paint transfer & heavy duty cleaning.
  • Conclusion - Use Of Rubbing Compound

    By using the mentioned steps you can utilize this amazing product to remove the dull & small scratches. For the harsh one you need to go to the mechanic for better results. If you have buffing machine the  you can use this product in your home without facing any kind of issue.


    How Long Do I Need To Leave The Rubbing Compound On?

    For better result keep the rubbing compound on for 3-5 minutes. It is enough time to maintain the shine & remove the scratches from your vehicles.

    What Comes After Rubbing Compound?

    After rubbing compound the best is to use polish to enhance the dull shine & look of car.

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