5 Reasons Why Your Car Engine Overheats - Fix Overheating
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5 Reasons Why Your Car Engine Overheats

5 Reasons Why Your Car Engine Overheats

If you are not understanding why your car engine overheats then You can check the mentioned reasons. These are the common reasons that overheat you engine. Check all these 5 things to understand why your engine overheats.

You will also find a better solution to resolve this overheating issue of car engine.

Reasons Why Car Engine Overheats - Top 5

Heating of a normal while running for a long time is OK. For what for those who is facing this issue in very meantime. Just in few minutes or an hour of driving a car you are facing this issue then you must need to change you Coolant.

The reason why we are suggesting is car engines tend to produce a lot of heat when they operate. So cars have radiators next to them that are filled with coolant. The coolant rotate around the engine and absorb the heat. 

Before going to a service showroom and spending a huge amount on this car overheating issue. You must go with the below mentioned point. If you are finding these issues then here you will find better solution of it.

Low-Quality Coolant

Using one of the best coolant is top most priority of a car owner. Because low quality coolant too dangerous for your vehicle & your family. Low-quality coolant never protects your engine from heating coz it’s just normal water with color.

You have to buy very good quality coolant like UE Autotechs UE Premium Radiator Coolant for cars. They have a very large range of coolants like pink, red, blue & green with ready-to-use, concentrate, & antifreeze also.

Water Pump Has Failed

The water punp is in the centre of the vehicle. The work of the pump is to distribute the water throughout the system that affect the coolant flow rate. When the water pump is not working properly then the engine light immediately turn on. In care of these check under your car and find the leakage and run to nearest mechanic to resolve this issue. Because it can cause harm to your engine and increase car engine overheat issue.

If the pump of your car is failed then go to mechanic and repair it as soon as possible.

Low Levels of Coolant

You always check you car fuel before going out. So, once in a week a engine also need to check to whether it is in good condition or not. Check the radiator and & find coolant is not leaking or level of the coolant is ok or not. If you are running your car with the low level coolant then you must refill it by using the ready to use coolant. Just pour it into your radiator and improve the engine power.

So make sure to check the coolant level and refill it when the level of coolant is low in the radiator.

Failed Thermostat

The thermostat is use to detect the temperature of your car engine. If the engine gets too hot it will send an alert indication to the cooling system. To get this indication you need to check over a period of time the condition of thermostat. If you engine light is on then there must be a problem in your thermostat. In this you need to cop up with these issues and work on to manage this for a proper functioning of thermostat. Clean it by using the best engine cleaner spray if you find it dirty.

The example of such issues are:-

  • Boiling Coolant
  • Blowing a Cylinder head
  • Gasket

Dirty Air Filter

To keep your engine in a good condition you must check the air filter of your car. Most of the time the car overheat due to the dirty air filters. It may seems like a minor issue but air filter helps an engine to cool down faster. The car air engine work just like an AC in a home to keep home cool according to the outer temperature.

So, when you find that your filter is dirty and old then check it and replace it very faster to resolve the overheating engine of car.

Loose or Broken Belt

The belt helps the water pump to run at a right speed & slow the constant flow of coolant in the cooling system. If the belt of the car loose and breaks then the system doesn't work properly, constant speed & less coolant flow. The less speed of the belt result to the less coolant flow and overheat engine of car.

So if you find any issue in the engine belt then change it now and enhance the performance of your engine today.

How To Fix Overheating Car?

You can fix the overheating car issue by working on the following things.

  • Turn off the car AC immediately and reduce the stress of your car engine.
  • Find a safe place and turn off the car.
  • Check & add the best coolant (If you have it or buy it)
  • Turn off the car & restart the engine after a time.

Conclusion - Reasons Why Car Engine Overheats

Above are the mentioned reasons of why your car engine overheat and how can you simply resolve this problem. You can use coolant and check the multiple parts that keep the engine cool. Users only have to keep the eye on the coolant level and check the multiple condition of the engine that help to boost the condition of the engine very rapidly.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Water Instead Of Coolant To Keep Engine Cool?

Yes, You can use water instead of coolant in an emergency. Otherwise water is not a very much good source to keep your engine cool for a long time. Use of coolant is the best solution to keep your engine cool.

Can I Put Water Into Coolant?

Yes, In a normal coolant you can add water or if you do not want to ad water then you can use a ready to use coolant.

Can A Car Recover From Overheating?

No, a car cannot recover from overheating on its own. You need to do few measures to control it the first step is to add a best quality coolant into it.

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