Difference Between Buffing & Polishing - Buff Vs Polish
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Difference Between Buffing Vs Polishing - Compare Buff Vs Polish

Difference Between Buffing Vs Polishing - Compare Buff Vs Polish

Buffing and polishing are the most similar activities used for improving the surface of the vehicle. But the material involves in both activities is very different. To understand the activities of both activities just go through with the difference between buff and polish.

In short, buffing remove the minor scratches and swirl marks to get a smoother finish. But, if you are not aware while using it it can remove the surface material. 

Polishing only focuses on delivering high-quality shine on the surface. It is not effective to remove dents, scratches, and defects. 

For deep understanding let's read about the buff vs polish and find which is the best way to enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

Buff Vs Polish - Comparison For Better Understanding

Buffing and polishing are the two common ways or processes to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. Most people think that both are the same process but the process is used interchangeably. They both are different methods and provide different results to the users.

The main difference between buffing and polishing is Buffing is used to remove scratches, marks, and oxidation. 

On the other hand, polishing creates a glossy, reflective finish using a smoother abrasive. These are the best product from the list of car maintenance products.

If you are willing to find the best results by doing both activities then it is very essential to understand the difference between buff and polish. 

So for a better understanding of each of them and for the best material just read the below-mentioned comparison of buff and polish.

Buffing Compound

Polishing Compound

It is more aggressive and uses an abrasive compound

It is less intense and uses a smoother abrasive material

Ideal for the surface that have visible scratches.

It is for the smooth surface that needs a more shiny finish.

It can leave marks of distortion when you apply too much.

It does not remove the layer of the surface.

It is more effective for scratches & swirl marks.

It is less effective to remove scratches.

Not a good choice to add shine to the surface

Best choice is to make the surface smoother & shiner.

What Is Buffing and Purpose Of It?

Basically buffing is the process to remove unwanted scratches and add shine to the surface. It is done by using the buffing machine rotating pad or wheel with an abrasive compound such as a rubbing compound or cutting compound.

Most of the time buffing is used in automotive detailing that helps in removing oxidation from car paint as well restore furniture such as chairs, tables, and other pieces.

The buffing compound totally depends on the surface and on which surface you want to apply it.

Steps To Use The Buffing Compound

All those who don’t know how to use the buffing compound must go with the below-mentioned information:-

Select The Right Buffing Wheel

Among the multiple buffing wheel provider choose the best buffing machine. Because the buffing machine is available in different materials and textures such as cotton, felt, muslin, and sisal.

Apply Buffing Compound

Buffing compound is also known as rubbing compound/scratch remover and it is a paste-like substance that helps to remove any kind of scratch on the surface. Apply the compound on the surface where it's required and avoid oversaturation.

Start Buffing

Now turn on the machine and rotate the machine wheel on the rough surface. Make sure that you are applying gentle pressure in the back and forth to side-to-side motion for an effective outcome. To avoid the grooves and uneven surface make sure to buff evenly on the areas.

Check The Result

Check the progress from time to time. If you are still finding marks and scratches continue with the buffing machine until it disappear. Depending on the buffing machine you can use the best & finer buffing compound.

Clean The Entire Surface

Once you have finished with the result of the bufing machine just clean the entire surface. With the soft microfiber cloth. Or If you are not satisfied with the results then just repeat the process to get satisfied results.

Using a buffing compound is a task of full patience and practice. But if you are using the right tool and technique then you will get the best results.

What Is Polishing and Its Purpose?

Polishing is the process to give extra shine and smoothness on the surface. If you want a high shine and then you can use a soft pad or wheel to apply it. As we compare buff and polish, polish mainly focuses on cleaning and adding shine to the dull surface. On the other side, buff is used to remove the scratches & marks. 

The purpose of the polish is to create a mirror-like finish on the metal, jewelry & other materials. If you are going to purchase the polishing compound then you will get multiple options according to the surface. So choose the product wisely. You can use the polish to simply add shine on vehicle plastic body too. Just as polish for dashboard, roof, etc.

Steps To Use The Polishing Compound

Like buffing you have to know the steps and measures to use the polishing compound for better results.

Choose The Right Polishing Wheel

The first and foremost step is to choose the right polishing wheel among the multiple ones. Because in the market you will get multiple options such as cotton, foam, felt, etc. You must choose the best that work according to your surface.

Apply Polishing Compound

Just apply the liquid or paste polishing compound evenly on the polishing wheel before attaching it to the machine. When you are using the machine then make sure the wheel is secure & the machine is stable.

Start Polishing

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps then start polishing the surface by using the machine. Slowly glide the surface over the polishing wheel with gentle pressure.

Check Results

You must check the surface periodically & check the progress if you are finding any defects then go with the continued process for extra shine.

Clean The Surface

When it's done just clean the entire surface and see the extra shiny look. If you are not satisfied with the results then just repeat the entire process.

Conclusion - Comparison Of Buff Vs Polish

Both buffing and polishing have advantages & disadvantages according to their usage and process of using it. If you are using a buffing compound for polishing purposes then your choice is wrong. So after knowing about the difference between buff/ rubbing compound vs polishing compound choose the material according to the need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Buffing?

Buffing is the process to remove scratches and swirl marks on the surface.

What Is Polishing?

Polishing is the process to add extra shine and remove dullness from the surface.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is the additional formulation that protects the surface against dirt, moisture & UV rays.

What Is Better Buffing Or Polishing?

Buffing eliminates the scratches and polishing add a smoother finish to the surface.

Do We Need Polish After Buffing?

Polishing is done after buffing to add extra shine and finish.

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