How To Clean Car Dashboard? - Steps To Clean Dashboard
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How To Clean Car Dashboard? - Steps To Clean Dashboard Or Car Interior

How To Clean Car Dashboard? - Steps To Clean Dashboard Or Car Interior

A clean dashboard not only makes your car look appealing but also contributes to the comfort and safe of a driving experience. To protect your dashboard from potential damage and enhance the appearance of the dashboard regular cleaning is mandatory. Unfortunately, most of car users neglect this crucial car care aspect. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with detailed information about how to clean car dashboard effectively to overcome all the damage and dullness.

Importance Of Car Dashboard Cleaning

The dashboard is one of the most visible and frequently used areas of your car. Most car owners serve dashboards as a control center. Because the dashboard houses various essential components such as instrument panels, air vents, and infotainment systems. A clean car dashboard not only enhances the overall look of the car interior but also improves the driving experience of passengers. A clutter & dirt-free dashboard can improve visibility reduce distractions, and create a pleasant environment inside the vehicle.

Impact Of Neglecting Dashboard Cleaning

If you are neglecting to clean the dashboard of your car then you are going to face many consequences such as:-

  • Dust and debris accumulation leads to the cracking and fading of your car dashboard.
  • Over time stubborn stains and marks become a challenging task to remove.
  • Neglecting dashboard cleaning brings harbors allergens, bacteria, and unpleasant odors that affect the overall air quality of your vehicle.
  • By neglecting the dashboard cleaning you are compromising the visual appeal and the functionality of this crucial component

Preparing To Clean Car Dashboard

Before diving into the cleaning process of the dashboard you have to collect all the necessary items for cleaning it. Because in the market you will get multiple products that help you to clean the dashboard. You have to choose the best car dashboard cleaning to protect sensitive components:-

Necessary Supplies For Cleaning Dashboard

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Compressed air canister or air blower
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Mild soap or dashboard cleaner
  • Distilled water
  • Cotton swabs
  • Toothbrush
  • Glass cleaner
  • Conditioner (for leather or vinyl surfaces)
  • UV protectant spray

By using the following products you can save time and extra effort for cleaning the dashboard.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Product

Before buying any of the products it is necessary to choose the best cleaning product. Among the multiple car detailing product providers UE autotechs is one of the most reliable and easy to to use product manufacturers.

You can choose the best formulated for automotive interiors or a dedicated dashboard cleaner polish instead of mild soap. Because these products are formulated especially for the surface that not cause any harm to the dashboard. 

On the other side for leather or vinyl surfaces, you can use specially designed automotive care interior products. These products will help you to keep your surface clean and prevent it from cracking. While cleaning the interior glasses you may consider the best glass cleaning product for car interior cleaning.

Protecting Sensitive Components

While cleaning your car dashboard protect your car's sensitive parts such as the instrument panel, buttons, and electronic displays. By protecting these parts by using plastic wrap or cloth you can prevent them from moisture.

Steps To Clean Car Dashboard

Now you understand the necessary protection and supplies that you need to clean car dashboard. Let's know about how to clean car dashboard:-

Dust & Remove The Loose Debris

Simply remove the dirt & loose debris from the dashboard by using the vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. While cleaning the dashboard you can use the brush or microfiber cloth. When you are cleaning the loose dust pay attention to crevices, corners, and air vents where dust tends to accumulate. For hard-to-reach areas, you can use compressed air or an air blower to dislodge debris.

Wiping Down With A Microfiber Cloth

Simply apply the dashboard cleaner spray on the microfiber cloth or directly on the surface & let it dwell for effective output. Dry the surface and apply the dashboard cleaner for a new shine. 

Start from the top of the dashboard and gently clean the surface in a back-and-forth motion. Keep in mind to use light pressure to avoid scratches and damage. Pay extra attention to the area that is frequently touched such as the steering wheel column, infotainment controls, and cup holders.

Address The Stubborn Stains & Remove

Wherever you find stubborn stains on your car dashboard or plastic body just spray the dashboard cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. It is one of the easiest formulations to use for cleaning the dashboard or interior plastic body of your vehicle.

Cleaning Dashboard Components

If you clean the dashboard of your car later check other components that are connected with the dashboard and frequently used. Let's know how to clean the common dashboard elements easily:-

  • Cleaning Air Vents - Air vent is the most essential area to clean because it easily attracts dust & dirt over time. And this dirt & dust impact the performance of the engine and the appearance of the car interior. Most of the time it results in the overheating of the engine. If you want to cool down the engine you can use the best coolant for the radiator after cleaning the vent.
  • Treating leather or vinyl surfaces - If your dashboard has a leather or vinyl surface then it is very essential for you to take extra care of the surface. Because leather and vinyl are sensitive and use a soft brush and cloth while cleaning them. For cleaning this area you can apply the leather and vinyl surface cleaner conditioner on a microfiber cloth and clean them easily. Apply the conditioner and let it penetrate for a few minutes later buff the surface and clean it by using the soft sponge.
  • Polishing Plastic & Wooden Elements - Polish the further elements for an instant shine & new look. Just apply the ultra shine polish and add a shine & luster effect to the surface.

Maintain The Clean Dashboard

After cleaning the car dashboard you must have to maintain the cleanliness of that area. By maintaining cleanliness you can avoid the future buildup of dust, dirt, or stains. To maintain the car dashboard cleaning you have to follow these tips:-

Regular Dusting And Quick Cleaning

While entering your car make a habit to clean car dashboard to prevent the accumulation of debris. Keep a microfiber cloth or brush in your car for dusting and cleaning the dashboard. This routine cleaning will help you to maintain a clean and tidy dashboard.

Prevent The Dashboard From The UV Rays

Extended exposure to sunline can cause dull and faded damage to your dashboard. To protect it from the UV rays consider using a sunshade or windshield visor when you park your car. You can also apply a UV protectant spray to protect the dashboard which is specially designed for automotive interior care. To use this UV protectant spray you have to spray it on the microfiber cloth and apply it on the dashboard.

Preventing Future Stains and Marks

To prevent your dashboard from future stains and marks avoid placing beverages, food items or feet on the dashboard. Also, use the dashboard mat & car seat cover to keep your car interior area clean.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning The Car Dashboard

When you clean car dashboard you have to avoid a few mistakes that can harm your cleanliness or the process of cleaning. If you do not want to compromise with the cleanliness or look of your car then avoid the following mistakes:-

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Avoid using abrasive products and car chemicals on your car dashboard. If you are using these products then they may cause scratches, discoloration, or even strip away protective coatings. Stick to the dashboard cleaner mild soap or product that is specially formulated for dashboard cleaning.

Over-Saturating The Dashboard

While cleaning the dashboard make sure that you will not over-saturate water or product on the surface. Excessive moisture can seep into sensitive components or damage the materials. So when you use this product dry it by using the microfiber cloth.

Neglecting To Test the Product

If you are purchasing any product and applying it on your vehicle then first try it on the small section. If you find it effective and working according to your need then apply it on the entire area. But first, try the product to check whether it is the right choice or not.

Conclusion- How To Clean Car Dashboard?

A clean car dashboard is not only visually appealing but it also contributes to comfortable and safe driving. By using the following step-by-step guide you can simply clean car dashboard and keep it safe & clean from any kind of harm. By using this dashboard cleaning product you can keep your car interior clean for a long time.

How Often Should I Clean My Car Dashboard?

The cleaning of a car's interior or dashboard totally depends on your habits of car driving. If you put beverages on the car dashboard or use the dashboard area as a table then you have to clean it every week. Otherwise, you can clean it once a month to protect it from any kind of damage.

Can I Use Household Cleaners On My Dashboard?

You can use it but household cleaners are harsh in nature and may impact the look and shine of your dashboard. So use the best dashboard cleaner for cleaning car dashboard.

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